Think That Being A Millionaire Will Make You Happy? Think Again!

cash2 Think That Being A Millionaire Will Make You Happy? Think Again!

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy……..

We’ve got a new study to tell you about today that proves two things.  One:  Money CAN buy you happiness.  And two:  Luckily, it actually takes WAY less money than you’d think.

 A study from Princeton University found that making more money does make you happier . . . but only when you’re making under $75,000-a-year.

 Once you hit that income level, making more money doesn’t have any impact on your happiness . . . regardless of whether you’re making $76,000 or $50 BILLION.

 In the study, $75,000-a-year seemed to be the point where money stopped being a major source of stress for people.

 At that level, you feel like you can basically take care of all your reasonable financial obligations.

But . . . while more money doesn’t change your happiness, it does change how you view your life on the whole.  The more money people made, the more likely they were to say their life was going well.


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