Can’t Beat Maria: 3/2/11

chris martin Cant Beat Maria: 3/2/11

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COLDPLAY lead singer CHRIS MARTIN is turning 34 today.  He has two children with Gwyneth…a daughter named Apple and a son.  What is his name?

Melissa from Cypress tries to answer that question and beat Maria Todd.

–Charlie Sheen continues to make headlines.  His formerly famous brother, on the other hand, has all but vanished. Who is he? 

–Bruno Mars settled his drug charges last week.  What drug was he busted for possessing?

–Rosie O’Donnell and her long time girlfriend have split up. She had her own daytime talk show and was also a member of the cast of what other show? 

–According to multiple sources, what pop singer will soon be named the Godparents of Elton John‘s new son? 

–Chris Martin of Coldplay turns 34 today.  He, of course, is married to Gwyneth Paltrow and they have two children.  Their daughter is named Apple.  Name their son.


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