Humble Woman Saved By Large 38KKK Breast Implants

On her way home from a Super Bowl party Sheyla Hershey lost control of her car and crashed into a tree all while not wearing a seat belt.


Sheyla Hershey was driving home to Humble from a Super Bowl party Sunday when she lost control of her Ford Mustang and crashed into a tree. She reportedly wasn’t wearing a seat belt, but she walked away from the wreck, thanks to her 38KKK breasts.

sheila hershey1 Humble Woman Saved By Large 38KKK Breast Implants

The 32-year-old model appeared in court Monday and denied she was driving drunk, the report said. Hershey, who has spent $100,000 in a decade to maintain her breasts, wants more surgery this year to take her breasts back up to 38MMM.

Where was she when the Titantic was going down?? She could have saved so many lives!

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