Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Week in Review

Another great week has come and gone.. It’s Friday already! We might have just gotten back from Spring Break but we are still grateful for the weekend!

We had tons of exciting stuff this week! We talked to Anderson Cooper, covered The Sit in rehab and all of these celebrity pregnancies, including Jessica Simpson’s unnaturally long pregnancy. Jenna one-upped us all by going to early premiere to the Hunger Games….. Can’t wait to see that movie! We discussed the NFL trades and the Saints trouble! Uh-oh! We gave away money (almost) everyday with Friends with Benefits. The game continues next week so be sure and sign up!

Plus, we had plenty ‘o coolness every single day on Kidd TV. Let’s reflect on some of our favorite moments from this week!

Have a great weekend! See ya next week!

Anderson Cooper


Kellie’s Coolio Party Talk, J-Si’s Day with Cason, Hunger Games Talk


Money on the wall at Big Al’s bar


Jenna’s roommate needs some more dance moves!


Big Al’s hula-hoop challenge


The SituAsian


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