Mat Kearney on “Ships In The Night” And… PMS??

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(Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment)

(Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment)

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“PMS is no joke man.”

It’s not exactly something you expect to hear in an interview.  But Mat Kearney is a guy who first picked up a guitar during college (while on a soccer scholarship) and just a few years later is touring with Train.  So perhaps you should expect the unexpected.

The uh… monthly female situation came up when we were talking about his most recent single Ships In The Night, which he wrote after making up with his wife.

“Me and my wife got into a fight on the way to the airport… She had cramps or something and I was late because of it to the airport and I missed my flight…. So on my connecting flight I called and we’re talking and we’re making up and I was taking notes, sitting there writing everything we were saying… it’s like, ‘this is such a good song!'”

So if you’re wondering, that explains the line about “you had cramps and I was late” in the song.

“PMS is no joke man,” says Kearney, who’s been married to his wife Annie since June 2010.  “It’s hard man, when you just want chocolate and you’re pissed — and you don’t know why you’re mad!”

For more on his take on “the cycle” and songwriting, check out this clip from our interview:
spacer Mat Kearney on Ships In The Night And... PMS??

Kearney’s latest album is Young Love and features the single Ships In The Night.

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