Katy Perry Sports Another Dress In Support Of Obama, Peforms In Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Make no mistake about who superstar Katy Perry is voting for. Her fashion speaks of her political choices.

In her latest political performance combining her singing with her presidential choice, Perry performed in Milwaukee over the weekend wearing a tight-fitting dress with President Barack Obama’s “Forward” slogan on it.

Reports indicate that the singer came on stage at Saturday’s event wearing the red, white and blue dress and holding a microphone shaped like the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

She then sang a cover Al Green‘s soul hit “Let’s Stay Together”, which was also sung by the President earlier this year.

She also sang her hit “Part of Me” at the rally.

Obama’s slogan “Forward” is also Wisconsin’s state motto.

Perry, who seems to wear campaign-friendly fashions, wore a white dress imprinted with a ballot on it last week. On her right hip, a square was marked Obama/Biden.

Obama’s rally with Perry comes on the heels of his Madison, Wisconsin visit which is scheduled for Monday with singer Bruce Springsteen.

Check out video of this weekend’s performance and the signature blue dress! What are your thoughts?

Cicely C. Mitchell/ Mix 96.5– Houston


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