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Lady Gaga Has “Houston Problem”, Thanks Dallas By Accident

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Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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A different city every night? We really can’t be mad at Lady Gaga for forgetting where she was at last night, right? Well, she mistook us for DALLAS, so maybe we can be a LITTLE mad, lol.

First off, I’ve gotta say: last night’s show was nothing short of AMAZING. Lady Gaga hit the stage right about 9p, and played until about 11:30p and was on fire the whole time with hit after hit!

With a huge castle for a stage complete with lights, moving parts, talking Gaga heads, elaborate costume changes and even a meat couch…the Queen Monster put on one HECK of an entertaining show.

Gaga stage and dancers

Gaga stage and dancers

She sang hit after hit, with one favorite after the next. Songs like “Born This Way“, “Poker Face“, “Just Dance“, “Bad Romance“, “LoveGame“, the Spanish “Alejando“, “Paprazzi” and TONS more…I really forgot just how many Gaga songs I knew…and still LOVE!

I must say my absolute FAVORITE part was the fan Gaga brought on stage at the end who knew the entire “Scheiße” dance and KILLED it along with her dancers! Could he have been planted there? Maybe. I still say he was just a super fan who took his chance to dance with Gaga on stage and it was AWESOME.

The only part people seemed to not like about the show was when Lady Gaga forgot which part of Texas she was in. As she sat at a piano with 5 other fans, she sang an acoustic version of “Born This Way,” accidentally “thanking Dallas” for such a great night. Hey, it happens right? Gaga, we forgive you!

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