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Woman Hears Family Speak For First Time [VIDEO]

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(Photo Credit: Veronique Beranger/ Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Veronique Beranger/ Getty Images)

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Living a life without the ability to hear is what many endure every day. Thanks to breakthroughs in technology as well as medicine, living a life without the ability to hear may be a thing of the past for those individuals.

A 26-year-old woman named Amy lived her life without the ability to hear…until now. Amy was given a surgically implanted cochlear hearing device that was tested. Amy’s aunt Catherine posted the video of Amy being able to turn the device on and hear her family speak to her for the very first time.

The video shows the hearing aid turned on and Amy’s nurse asking if she can hear her voice. With her sign language, Amy states that she can.

Perhaps what is most moving about the video is when Amy becomes visibly emotional as the implant allows her to hear her family member’s voices. Both Amy’s father and son are in the room speak to her.

Perhaps Amy serves as a reminder to us all that sometimes we hear things that are unpleasant to our ears and sometimes we hear the sweetest sounds and melodies ever made. It’s up to us to receive it all with a grateful heart, knowing that we have the gift of hearing… a priceless gift that enables us to hear and be heard.

View this compelling video below and be inspired!

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/ Houston

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