‘Q & A Of The Day': How Many Will Forget To Share Fun With Others Next Week?

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(Photo: Cultura/Liam Norris/ Getty Images)

(Photo: Cultura/Liam Norris/ Getty Images)

Our Chad Pitt’s “Q & A Of The Day” this Thursday hones in on the forgetful folks that will be guilty of not “treating” others to fun!

Clues? Here ya go…

1. A percentage of you will not use your hands to spread joy and cheer for those who are young and young at heart.

2. A percentage of you will not give your hands the duty of making others joyful with treats!

3. Thirty-two percent of you will simply leave all of the “treats” and “tricks” behind and forget to make others happy.

So what is it? Thirty-Two percent of you will forget to pass out Halloween Candy!

Sheesh Man… What did you think we were talking about?

Happy Halloween!

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