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Things Men Think About When They See Us Naked…

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I had NO IDEA guys think about more than one thing when they see us naked.
Things men think about when they see us naked….

1-“Act cool.”
According to a guy Cosmo interviewed…he says…”While we want to howl like cartoon wolves and let our tongues roll out of our mouths, we won’t. We’ll keep it together.”

2-“Finally, I can stare!
Men are now given permission to roam and stare.

3-“Um, I had stuff to do, didn’t I?”
Ladies, once our undies hit the floor, their plans pretty much just disappear.

4-“Daaaaang, I’m lucky.”
The feeling of gratitude comes very easy in the presence of nudity.

5-“What on earth could she be self-conscious about?”
Guys find it fun to see us happily baring what we’re working with.


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