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Mother Arrested For Letting 9 Year Old Play Alone

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debra harrell
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Debra Harrell works at McDonald’s and would bring her 9 year old to work with her (having no daycare) and let her sit and play on her laptop.  After their house got broken into, her daughter asked if she could play at the playground adjacent to the McDonald’s where mom worked so she wouldn’t be bored.  Debra allowed her to do so.  She’s 9 and there were plenty of other kids constantly playing as well.

Some parents noticed the girl and asked where her parents were.  After learning they weren’t around, they called police and Debra was arrested for child endangerment or something along those lines.  Now, a lot of people are getting behind her because they feel she did nothing wrong.  She’s a single working mother trying to make ends meet.  Did she do something so horrible?  Is 9 years old too young to play at a park unsupervised?

A woman is raising money to help Debra who’s STILL in jail via a crowd funding website.

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