Jered’s Coffee Cup Incident – Mission: Retrieve Coffee Cup Back

So last week, my coffee cup went missing… I guess it’s my own fault. I left it in my studio overnight last week.

I wouldn’t be making such a big deal about it if it were just any other coffee cup. But it isn’t. This is a thermos type coffee cup, that is specially designed to fit underneath a Keurig, and it keeps my coffee hot during the entire Morning Show. Pretty awesome, right?

Well, one of our co-workers thought so, too. Let’s call her ‘Maureen’ for anonymity purposes. Maureen saw me making coffee last week, and commented on how nice my mug was. Then, a few days later, it went missing! Obviously my first thought was that it had to be her.. So, I walked by her office on Friday, and I could’ve SWORN I saw it on her desk…

So today, I decided to get my coffee mug back. So I broke into Maureen’s office and found it… But I also found something very disturbing while going through her desk drawers…

Jered’s Coffee Cup Incident:


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