The Really Gross Reason You Need To Stop Taking Selfies With People

Here’s your ‘now you know’ moment of the day.

With the selfie phenomenon over the last few years, no one asks anyone to just take a picture for them anymore. Which is fine, it’s more convenient to be able to do it on your own. But here’s where the problems with ‘selfies’ lies.

In order to fit in the frame of your camera, it requires people to get extremely close. More close that you probably would if just standing next to someone for a regular photo. The result of this ‘closeness’ is nothing pleasant. But also nothing you’re not familiar with, because the result is a common gross thing you recall back in your grade school days.

This report on the nasty side of selfies comes from Women’s Health:

When your head touches someone else’s for a selfie, lice can crawl into your hair from their head, using their nasty little claws to grab onto your hair strands, says Claire Roberts, CEO of the Lice Clinics of America. Yup, we’re talking about those lice.
And Roberts says selfies are becoming one of the top reasons why lice infestations are increasing this summer, making us reconsider whether we really need another pic with our BFF in front of the sunset. Who actually wants to call in sick to work for contracting tiny parasites that grade-school kids get?

While head lice are mostly known as an issue for kids, Roberts points out that anyone can get them. “The primary way you can get head lice is when your head comes in direct contact with the head of an infested individual,” she explains. “Head-to-head contact like that doesn’t guarantee that the infestation will spread, but it gives lice the best opportunity to move from the hair of the infested person to your hair.”
And head lice can crawl pretty quickly, says Roberts, so it doesn’t take long for them to hitch a ride onto your noggin and make their way to your scalp.
Is there anything you can do to protect yourself? Roberts recommends trying to avoid activities that involve head-to-head contact … like joint selfies.

Now that you know the nasty truth, maybe opt to keep some distance and have someone snap a picture for you instead.


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