Almost Twenty Years Later, The Blair Witch Project Gets A Real Sequel

Back in 1999, movie goers across the world had a tough time sleeping after the release of the horror flick ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ Not just for it’s story line and jump worthy scenes, but that the entire film was marketed to make people to believe it was in fact real!

It was the first movie of it’s kind really, shot first hand with a very ‘home video’ feel. However it wasn’t long after the movie’s release that we all learned it wasn’t in fact real. In fact maybe only I thought it was real? Either way, it was still one of the most terrifying movies I ever watched.

There was a sequel not long after it’s release that was so terrible, it’s not even worth writing about. But now, 17 years later, a more realistic sequel is set to hit theaters. It centers around a man looking for his sister (one of the original characters who was never found) all these years later after some startling camera footage was found in the forest.

Whether or not the original movie scared you, this one looks to be a definite startling experience!

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