Ben Stiller Opens Up About His Battle With Prostate Cancer

Lauren Kelly

I just can’t imagine hearing that news. Someone telling you that you have cancer. It literally must stop your world in it’s tracks, with your first and only thought to get cured. To all the warriors battling this awful disease, just know I continue to pray for a cure every single day!

Actor Ben Stiller just wrote an article on yesterday revealing that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in June of 2014.  And by September of the same year, tests showed that he was cancer-free.

He said, “The three months in-between were a crazy roller coaster ride with which about 180,000 men a year in America can identify.” He was fortunate that his cancer was caught early, and what really saved him was that his doctor performed a ‘PSA test,’ even though he didn’t have any symptoms yet. The PSA test is a special blood test that can detect prostate cancer, but it’s slightly controversial because people believe that it can lead to unnecessary procedures and over-treatment.

Luckily, Ben was able to have the tumor surgically removed and is now said to be in good health.

Read Ben’s very interesting (and detailed) article >>> HERE

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