PODcast: 10-14-16 – Corey Feldman’s Return To ‘Today’ Show – Starbucks Espresso Beer? – Calls: Kids Today Won’t Know The Struggles Of…

On Friday, we talked about Corey Feldman’s return to the ‘Today’ show, a judge increasing a guys sentence in court from 3 days to a YEAR, a Houston 911 Operator saying “Ain’t Nobody got time for this” to caller, a new Starbucks espresso beer, Donald Trumps rough week, an airlines with “kid free zones”, Coolio in more trouble and listeners call to tell us what their kids will never know the struggle of doing nowadays!

Full Show:

Show Opener:

Top Stories – Judge Increased A Guy’s Sentence From 3 Days To A YEAR:

Top Stories – Houston 911 Operator Says To Caller “Ain’t Nobody got time for this”:

Calls: What Will Your Kids Never Know The Struggles Of Doing That You Had To Deal With?


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