[PHOTOS] Thanksgiving Fails

Thanksgiving is just weeks away and as the preparation for the big feast begins, remember you’re not alone when you burn the turkey, fail at Pinterest crafts and put little effort into your cornbread! I found these Thanksgiving fails on Instagram and they are pretty hilarious !

Check them out!



This person who didn’t even try lol

Lmao #thanksgivingfail

A post shared by Rudy Broadnax (@roc_da_dj) on


This cat that couldn’t wait to get his PAWs on this pie:

Cat jumped onto table and put foot in pie. Our only #thanksgivingfail

A post shared by Ally Crump (@allymcrump) on


Burnt Marshmallow Sweet Potato Pie:

Marshmallow topping on yams fail 😭 #thanksgivingfail

A post shared by Joyce Stokes (@thefollowerthatleads) on


These things never look like the box!


A post shared by Deneitra Hutchinson (@realmofoya) on


Epic caramel apple fail!


Maybe they were trying to make a blackened cajun jerk turkey?


This thanksgiving dinner roll loaf! I’d eat it…

So we're gonna just call these dinner rolls a "dinner loaf". #thanksgivingfail

A post shared by Kristi Smith (@thelifeintended) on


Extra crispy mashed potatoes!

Burnt mash potatoes #thanksgivingfail #notwinning

A post shared by Tim Novotney (@timnovo) on


Maybe they were going to Turkey Jerky?


Oh no!


Nailed it!


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