[WATCH] The Anti-Sexual Assault Version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

For more than 50 years “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was considered a holiday classic song.  And while many still consider it that, the internet started turning on what the song was really implying a few years ago.

A man, trying to keep the woman he had over for drinks (that he may or may not have spiked with something ilicit) from leaving his house despite her best efforts.  It’s hard to ignore that there is a very heavy sexual assault vibe happening in the original song.

Check out Funny Or Die’s “Accurate Depiction” of what is being sung in the song.

Two songwriters in Minnesota decided it was time to update the song, not just laugh at it’s absurdity, to make it more conscious of how consenting relationships should go.

Lydia Liza and Josiah Lamenski take a much more agreeable approach to the song, which includes some modern updates for the couple’s communication going forward and making sure they don’t Nexflix their favorite show alone.

The song wasn’t just done to change some lyrics and get some internet stardom (Even though the above video already has 3million views).  Every purchase of the song puts some proceeds to the Sexual Violence Center and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence.



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