Amy Schumer Buys Back Family Farm Her Dad Lost in Bankruptcy

Have you ever thought of purchasing your childhood home(s)? I have. And I’d like to furnish them as they were. Well, Amy Schumer has purchased the farm her family lost when she was 9 years old

The comedian bought back the family farm that her father lost in bankruptcy. Schumer presented the gift to Gordon Schumer via FaceTime. When she was nine years-old, the family fell on hard times. She recalled on Instagram,

Today I bought my father's farm back.

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“We lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him.” Amy posted a family video that her father recorded. Amy is just a little girl, walking through their cornfield and threatening to run away from home. (E! News)

Amy’s father has multiple sclerosis. She cares for him when she’s not on the road.


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