MIX 96-5 Got A Special Shout Out In Lifetime’s ‘Britney Ever After’

Lauren Kelly

Over the weekend, the Lifetime tv network debuted their much anticipated “Britney Ever After,” which is an unauthorized semi-autobiographical movie documenting Britney Spears‘ full career, much-publicized breakdown and incredible comeback.

According to sources at US Weekly, “the two-hour film was plagued by historical inaccuracies, including a bizarre post-split dance battle between Spears and Timberlake, a nonexistent sex tape and several incorrect interpretations of Spears’ iconic costumes.”

The role of Britney was played by Natasha Bassett, Clayton Chitty as Kevin Federline and Nathan Keyes as Justin Timberlake. The casting wasn’t the absolute BEST, but you know what was?? MIX 96-5 got a shout out in the flick!

It happened during a scene where “Britney” was reading “radio station liners” for a bunch of stations around the country, and they just so happened to show her reading ours!


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