Ladies: What’s The Most Awkward Date You’ve Ever Had?

Lauren Kelly

With all the different dating apps these days, it’s pretty easy to go on sone BAD DATES, amirite??

And when it comes to my dating life specifically, everyone always thinks they know why I’m single. (everyone’s a critic these days… #eyeroll)

But in all honestly I’m 35, I’ve dated quite a few people that were obviously not FOR me, and I will also chalk it up to bad luck and wrong timing.

Sarah And Geoff think otherwise. They think I go about dates ALL WRONG, and that’s why I’m single.

Check out this list of dating tips from professional dating coaches that Sarah found:

1. Touch him.

2. Mention your availability.

3. Be extra nice.

4. Keep the first date going.

5. Be upfront.

6. Give them a smooch.

So ladies, what’s the WORST (or most AWKWARD) date you’ve ever been on? We wanna hear! TELL US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (and mainly to make me feel better about my disastrous dating life, lol. 😉

-Lauren Kelly


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