Houston Prom-Posal Goes Viral, Complete With $675 Lou Boutin Shoes

Caitlan, a high school senior from right here in Houston got a pretty awesome prom-posal a few days ago that was AMAZING!

Now that the story has gone viral, Buzzfeed reports that her friend Louis (who’s a junior at the same school) went all out to ask Caitlan to the dance…making a sign that read “If the shoe fits, makeup your mind.

Which he followed up with buying her makeup from Sephora and CHRISTIAN LOU BOUTIN HEELS! Whaaattt???

Louis told BuzzFeed News he got the idea because Caitlan loves makeup, and then also just decided to surprise her with the shoes.The shoes apparently cost $675.

Caitlan added that she didn’t think he was for real saying, “I literally screamed…


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