This Is Why You Are Always Running Late

We all know someone who is ALWAYS LATE! For us, it’s Lauren Kelly.

rr16 21 This Is Why You Are Always Running Late

Lauren Kelly inside Radio Row/Photo Credit: CBS Radio Houston

In fact, she has her own time. It’s called Lauren Kelly time. We aren’t original when it comes to names. Anyway, Science now says it has a reason for your friend’s tardiness.

ONE: you’re multitasking too much! This comes from a study in 2003 where researchers observed subway working in New York. They saw that the travelers who were multitasking were more likely to be late to work.

A solution for this is to set reminders on your phone to keep you on track.

Reason number 2 is that your internal clock doesn’t work! There are a lot of people who can keep track of things in their mind and time in their heads and there are some people who just CAN’T! People with Type A personalities are better than those with Type B personalities.

You can improve on this by trying to guess what time it is a few times a day to work on your internal clock.



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