When You’re Dating Someone How Much Should You Reveal On Your First Date?

As you get a bit older and you have dated enough people to know what you want and don’t want. Do you start to lay more out on the line when you are on a first date?

We have a friend who doesn’t tell guys she doesn’t want kids til they are pretty far along and that conversation “naturally” comes up and then she tells them that she doesn’t want to have children. These guys are getting upset because, according to her, they were owed that earlier on in the relationship, even on the first date!

When you’re on a first date how much information are you giving out?

Sarah Pepper has been known to lay it out on the table and is actually extremely comfortable having those serious conversations that way you know what you’re getting in to.

Geoff Sheen – He and his wife had some serious conversations. In fact, Geoff said he was gonna name their first kid after his father.

Lauren Kelly –  Thinks it’s a bit MUCH to have those serious conversations on the first date. Find out if you like each other before having serious time.



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