A Guy Who Robbed a Bank to Get Away from His Wife Was Sentenced to House Arrest

I am sure if you have been married for a while there comes a point where you need to get away from your spouse. In fact, you may have uttered the words, I would do anything to get away from you right now. Well, back in September 71-year-old guy named Lawrence Rippled robbed a bank in Kansas City and then in stead of running, because he didn’t steal the money to get a plane ticket to get away from his wife. Nope! He sat right down and waited for the cops to call because he wanted to get arrested! His wife was driving him so crazy that the though of jail was better than being around her nagging for five more minutes!

In fact, he wrote the robbery note in front of her just so she knew how miserable he was.

Now, here is where irony comes into play, because on Tuesday when a federal judge heard the case, he didn’t sentence him to prison, he sentences him to 50 hours of community service and…wait for it…HOUSE ARREST!

Yes, the man that went so far as to rob a bank to get away from his wife is now confined to his home with her. I mean I think he can go a few hundred feet but nothing that is going to cure her nagging or his annoyance.


jail nhu A Guy Who Robbed a Bank to Get Away from His Wife Was Sentenced to House Arrest

Courtesy of Kansas City PD


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