Do You Get Mad When Someone Eats Off Your Plate?

Lauren Kelly

Alright guys, the thing I am MOST indecisive about it food.

Where to go, what to get…it’s literally the the most difficult thing I try to decide on. SOOOOO, when I finally decide on what to get please DO NOT take your fork and stick it in my plate!

I was out to dinner with a friend the other night and she was being super indecisive on what to order from the menu. When she finally decided on what to get and our food came out…she kept taking her fork and eating off of my plate! It was making me so mad!! If you wanted to eat what I got, then you should’ve ordered the same thing!

When it comes to that kind of thing, I am very picky about who I let use their fork in my plate: my nephew and my boyfriend. (and maybe my mom, but that’s it!)

Do you get annoyed when someone takes their fork (or fingers) and eats off of our plate??

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