Most Annoying Things Bad Drivers Do

Road rage in Houston is no joke and I’m not gonna lie, there are sometimes I am driving and I think to myself, did you even take driver’s education? Because a flashing red light turns everyone into savages like they don’t know what’s going on and then don’t even bring up the 59 to 610 exit where everyone tries to merge at the last minute. It drives me crazy. This list wasn’t done in Houston it’s just a general survey so read through their Top 5 and then leave us your comment about what annoys you about bad drivers.


1.  Not using turn signals.  62%


2.  Driving slow in the fast lane, 59%.


3.  Tailgating, 56%.


4.  Using your phone while you’re driving, 55%.


5.  Throwing trash out your window, 43%.



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