This 94-Year-Old Is Making Neighborhood Kids Dreams Come True

When retired judge 94-year-old Keith Davison lost his wife Evy to cancer last year he got very lonely. Keith lives in a small town in Minnesota about 150 miles outside of Minneapolis  and after being married for 66 years and having three kids, and no grandchildren, you can imagine his house was pretty quiet. So, he decided he was going to be an honorary grandparent, to EVERY KID ON HIS BLOCK!

You see, his town doesn’t have a swimming pool that is open to the public and so he put a pool in his backyard and made it public!

He opened it this summer and said that any kid who wants to swim, is welcome

The only rule that he has is that they have to be with a parent or grandparent to watch them.

Trust me, I have a pool and they are good in theory but the upkeep is insane and can be expensive but Keith said he doesn’t care, it’s worth it to have laughter back in his house.


He told the local news that although losing his wife was tough, he is happy now because he has something that fills his life and keeps him from staring at the walls all day.


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