Chuck E. Cheese Killing Off Robot Animal Band!

Who doesn’t remember the days of hopping in the car with a smile on your face as your parents drove you down past the dry cleaners and pulled into Chuck E. Cheese!  The joys of the ball pit and the arcades and the endless supplies of floppy yummy pizza and the OMG THEY ARE MOVING AHHHHHH animatronic animal robot band?!?

Looks like the next generation of kids won’t have the pleasure of watching the wiggly back and forth tunes of the robot gang.   The company has announced they are revamping their stores in an effort to compete with more modern kids offerings.  One of the things to get the boot was the beloved animal band.  Depending on how tests go in a few markets, they may be shown the door company wide.

Turns out, many kids stopped paying attention to the robots years ago and much preferred the real Chuck to come out himself.

Here’s pouring a pizza out for you creepy robot brothers.   Now if they could figure out why the ball pit seemed wet after little Tommy got out.

Read which stores are being revamped first.


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