Mom’s Daughter’s Sense Of Humors Helps Her Heal After The Loss Of Her Sister

This is Ava Ryan. She is an internet sensation! You have probably seen her pop up on your timeline on Facebook a time or two. However, behind those laughs lies a story that is nothing short of inspiration. She helped her mom deal with the loss her sister with her laugh, her wit, her humor and without even knowing the impact that she had and it will give you all the feels.

The Today Show had the story of Ava and Ava’sx mom. 

Ava’s mom Katie lost her sister in 2011 and the grief she and her family were going through seemed insurmountable. Katie’s sister had cerebral palsy, which made it difficult for her to walk, and Prader-Willi syndrome. 

Katie started to record some of the funny and witty things here daughter was saying and send them to her parents to try and help them find their smile and laugh again and they ended up on YouTube. Katie  thought her daughter was funny but wondered if everyone else was enjoying Ava’s wit. Ava is now seven and hasn’t even started second grade and not only has she helped her mother find her smile again, she has made millions laugh on the internet.

Proving that laughter really is the best medicine.



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