Would You Rather Have A Kid Who’s Popular Or Really Smart?

Would you rather have a kid who’s popular, or a kid who’s really smart? Science Direct had about 150 moms rank six traits, according to how important they are.

For example, extraversion means you tend to be more social. Agreeableness means you’re trusting, sympathetic, and cooperative. And conscientiousness means you’re driven, disciplined, and think things through.

And more than half of moms said that being social was the most important trait. Only 10% said intelligence. Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Extraversion. 51%.

2. Agreeableness, 20%.

3. Intelligence, 10%.

4. Openness, 10%.

5. Conscientiousness, 9%.

6. Neuroticism, 0%.

Which one would you choose for you kid?


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