Chita Craft On Everything You Need To Know About Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is making his way toward land and everyone has questions about how it is going to affect them.  Will we lose power? How bad will winds be? How much flooding? What is a storm surge?

I was watching the news last night as they talked about how so many people have moved to Houston since our last hurricane, Ike, and so for those who are new town here what you need to know.

2 Different things happening.

  1. Category 2 Hurricane making landfall overnight as a possible Cat 3 or 4 but that is in Corpus Christ.
  2. For the City of Houston, the outerbands are what are feeling which means 3-7 inches of rain.  Get in place tonight and stay in place until next week because we are going to be seeing very heavy rains.

We could still see some serious storm surges.  That is when water rushes above land. Already some of the “waves and tides” are picking up this morning.

The biggest threat will be “is the flash flood threat through the weekend and the first part of next week”.

Try to limit your parking outside. Park where it is covered. Any driving Sunday through Tuesday. Take it out of your plan.



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