Vet Tips On Keeping Your Pet Safe And Calm During Hurricane Harvey

Sarah Pepper’s vet Dr Wilkie joined the show this morning to talk about how to keep your pets safe during the storm.

First, one of the hardest lessons I learned when Hurricane Ike hit was the grass where the water crossed is covered in ICK! Bailey got a really serious infection on her stomach because it dragged across the ground and she had to spend some time at the vet. Just because it’s not flooded doesn’t meant that the grass doesn’t have icky residue. Keep your pets away from that water, as much as you wanna grab those photos down by the Bayou so you can go viral, don’t expose your pet to that nastiness. Also, don’t let them drink the water outside! The runoff is full of bacteria.

Bailey is a big fan of her thunderjacket, got it on Amazon.



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