Songs As A Teaching Tool! What Did You Learn As A Kid You Still Remember Today?

When you were young was there a song you heard in school that taught your something? I mean I went to Catholic School so I knew the Lord said to Noah you gotta built and archly Archy. So I knew Noah built the arch and it rained for Forty Days.

However, we didn’t have any other songs. After the show we were talking about Continents because Geography is my kryptonite and Lauren Kelly was like, “Sarah, you don’t know the continent song?” I mean, she was shocked I didn’t know the continent song. Do you know the continent song?

So I asked Geoff if he had song he learned as a kid that taught him something and he said the State song. Again, apparently at the childhood school of Sarah Pepper there were no learning songs and Lauren learned the continents and Geoff learned the states but I do know that Noah built the arch 🙂

What song did you learn as a kid that taught you something?


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