The Most Popular Emoji In Every State

According to a new study reported in the Minnesota Star Tribune, here are most popular emojis in every state.

The peach (which also looks like a butt) is number one in Texas (and Michigan). It’s not number one in Georgia, even though they are the peach state. So it’s pretty much a butt.

The poop is number one (or does it have to be number two???) in five states: Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

There are two states where the angry face is number one: Kansas and New Hampshire. On the other hand, in Arkansas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, it’s the sad crying face that is number one.

There are a whopping 10 states where the most popular emoji is a smiling face or the “laughing so hard I’m crying” face: Alaska, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, West Virginia, Utah, Montana, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Finally, for those who like naughty emojis: the eggplant, which people almost always use to represent male genitalia, is number one in three states: Idaho, Missouri, and Virginia.

What’s your favorite emoji?


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