The Difference Between Being Friends On Social Media With Your Coworkers Versus Your Boss Is Significant

According to a new survey on PR NewsWire, the majority of people don’t see any problem with being friends with their coworkers on social media.

71% say it’s appropriate to be Facebook friends. 61% say it’s okay to follow each other on Twitter. 56% say it’s cool to connect on Instagram. But they still draw the line with Snapchat: only 44% say it’s acceptable to be Snapchat friends with coworkers.

It was different when it comes to bosses.

It turns out we’re less likely to think it’s appropriate to be connected on social media but not THAT much less. 49% say it’s okay to be Facebook friends 34% for Twitter 30% for Instagram and 26% for Snapchat.

Sorry, boss.


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