Study Says Joining A Fraternity Will Cause Your Grads To Drop But You’ll Make More Money

Fall rush just ended at some Universities cause I am seeing people’s kids and relatives who pledged and also got letters of rec from people wanting them for their daughters and here’s something that surprised me because when I joined my sorority. My grades actually went UP! I was required to do study tables and maintain a certain G.P.A.

A new study says if you join a sorority or fraternity your grades may drop. This is from researchers at Union College in New York and they studied over 3,700 students who joined fraternities and how it affected their grades. It showed their GPA dropped a quarter of a point. From a 3.5 to a 3.25.

The upside of all of this is that their EARNINGS went up by 36%. Basically, if you don’t do as well in school you will make more money. This is because being in a fraternity and sorority teaches you how to network! I can attest to this! It teaches you to manage your time and to meet people and build relationships!

They didn’t run the numbers for sororities but my guess is that it is about the same.

Sarah Pepper – Was a Pi Beta Phi

Geoff Sheen – Alpha Delta Phi

Lauren Kelly – Didn’t go Greek



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