[WATCH] Chris Pratt Singing In Outtake From Parks & RecPratt apparently missed his time at Parks & Rec yesterday when he tweeted out a scene that was too long to make the cut in the hit comedy. The song though, is being sung to kids and is about the movie "Sudden Death" with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
[WATCH] Kid Crashes Bike Staring At Stripclub Billboard BusWe've all been caught staring at an eye-catching billboard every now and again, but none of us have been as committed to watching one like this young boy on his bike.
Texans Can Soon Buy BBQ Flavored Payday Candy BarHave you ever snapped into the deliciousness of a peanut and caramel goodness of a Payday bar and been like, this is missing something. Of course, you haven't. Well, Hersey doesn't care much about that because they are changing up a few of their iconic candy bars to have some odd flavors. In a "Taste of America" campaign, Hersey is adding flavors of iconic American cuisine.
[WATCH] Chris Pratt As An Old Man In Scotland Doing A Prank CallPratt had to call a rare animals shop to talk about a stick bug (not unlike Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and he did so great.
[WATCH] Johnny Depp Dresses Up As Capt. Jack Sparrow Surprises Riders On Pirates Of The Caribbean At DisneylandIt is weird to think, but Johnny Depp might be best known as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is an iconic character, spurned from the ride at Disneyland the movies became such a huge hit that Depp's likeness was added to the ride.
[WATCH] John Boyega Surprises Star Wars FansLast week during the Star Wars convention in Florida a few lucky fans were told they were getting a red carpet experience with a picture with the actual BB-8 From the Star Wars The Force Awakens. Little did they know that they would also be getting a picture with the star of the movie John Boyega.
Mila Kunis Surprises Parents With Home RenovationKunis decided to pair up with Houzz to redesign her parent's condo.
Get "Fresh Prince" "Full House" "Friends" Fonts NowEver wish you could write a fun little note to your friends and have it look exactly Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, Buffy? Well, now you can.
[WATCH] The New Personal Mini Helicopter Is Here And Available SoonThe Kitty Hawk Flyer is a single rider personal helicopter of sorts that is completely legal to fly in the USA. It looks more like a giant drone that carries a human, but it also looks like so much fun!
[WATCH] Bowler Bowls Perfect 300 In 87 SecondsBen Ketola took to the lanes in Syracuse, New York to set a world record for the fastest 300 game ever bowled. On a 10-lane setup, Ketola hit all twelve straight strikes to get the 300 game.
Dr. Pepper Surprises Student With 6-Foot Tall Dr. Pepper FountainKansas State University student Clair Daniels loves Dr. Pepper. Not a person, but the soda. So much so she was getting worried about her budget being used too much on the drink. In December she tweeted out that she needs another alternative, like a fountain with continuous flow of caffeine.
[WATCH] Comedians In Cars Driving Fast & FuriouslyTake Jerry Seinfeld and place him in a world where everyone drives for their lives! It's perfect.

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