IKEA Releases Instructions To Turn Rugs Into Game Of Thrones CloaksThe show's head costume designer Michele Clapton revealed this week that the fur cloak Jon Snow wears in the show is an IKEA SKOLD rug that has been modified for the costume.
Netflix Co-Founder Wants To Offer $10-A-Month Unlimited Movie Theater TicketsWhat is the catch? Well, it only seems to be that the theater must accept debit cards and you can't go see a 3D or IMAX movie.  The plan is that MoviePass will pay the difference of the cost of the ticket to the theater, which seems like it could rack up a big bill for the new startup. 
Queen Elizabeth Isn't Giving The Crown To Prince WilliamSo for whatever reason, the story starting gain steam again this week. Apparently, there was a "palace insider" and an article that came from Life & Style magazine. However, Snopes investigated their website and no such story exists.
RUMOR: Queen Announces William & Kate Will Be Next King & Queen Of EnglandMeaning that the Queen's eldest son, Prince Charles, will be skipped over.
Texans Coming Back To Houston For 2 Days Of Open PracticeYou can register now for the training camp ticket drawing through August 11th at 5 p.m. here.
FX+ To Offer Commercial Free Channel For Original ProgrammingThe channel will be a digital on-demand channel that will cost an extra $5.99 a month on Xfinity.  People who purchase FX+ will get up-to-date episodes of shows like "American Horror Story," "Fargo," and even canceled shows "The Shield" and "Nip/Tuck." 
ABC Says Politics Had Nothing To Do With Last Man Standing CancellationBack in May, ABC suddenly cancelled the comedy series Last Man Standing. Apparently, the cast had no idea the cancellation was coming, especially since the ratings were pretty good.
Milkshake Shipped Across Country To Fulfill Dying WishA woman in Washington D.C. in hospice care and all she wanted was a mocha milkshake from her home town diner, Tommy's in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Emily Pomeranz told her friend Sam Klein she "I wish I could have one more Tommy's mocha milkshake," Klien explained in a facebook post.
Willie Nelson Management Confirm Legend Is Alive After Rumors Of DeathHis management and lawyer have both confirmed to separate news outlets that the singer and Austin resident is alive after WLS news radio in Chicago reported unconfirmed reports that he had passed.
Teen Gets Hammer Stuck In Mouth; Picture Goes ViralA teenager performing a dare went viral after the 14-year-old got a hammer stuck in her mouth when she put the head of the tool all the way in, but couldn't get it out.
The Adds And Drops Coming To Netflix In August
[WATCH] Man Saves Octopus; Octopus Thanks Him With HugA man found a small octopus stuck on the sand barely alive. he quickly scooped him up in a plastic container and led him back to the ocean. After a few minutes the octopus regains its bearings and starts moving around.

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