Nintendo Releasing Mini Super NES Classic With 22 GamesNow Nintendo is getting ready to release the Super NES Classic Edition which will send gamers to tizzy to get the newest nostalgia piece. The console that launched in 1991 will feature Super Mario Cart, and a previously unreleased game, Star Fox 2 along with many more.
Every State's Best Food Truck Named; BBQ Truck Rules TexasWhile that might be simple in a state like Nevada (Fukuburger) or Montana (Big Dipper Ice Cream's Coneboy) where there is one major city to support food trucks, a state like Texas can be a bit more difficult.
Cat Opens, Climbs In, Shuts Drawer On His OwnThe video shows (granted vertically instead of horizontally) Loki sneaking up to a dresser to find a comfy spot to sleep. Opens the drawer, climbs in and shuts it so he can have some peace and quiet.
Off-Duty Texas Officer Wearing Batman Costume Arrests Shoplifter Stealing "Batman" MovieFort Worth police officer Damon Cole decided to donate his time off the clock at a local Walmart dressed as Batman for a children's safety fair when he caught a man attempting to shoplift.
[WATCH] New Game Of Thrones TrailerIt starts with Sansa and the voice of Littlefinger giving her advice and moves to the wall, to Kings Landing and Dragon Stone. It gives us a glimpse into the big war that will be coming in this season and in the eighth and final Season.
Cast Of 'Dodgeball' Reunites For Charity GameBen Stiller, Vince Vaughn and a large number of the cast (a little sad Alan Tudyk didn't show up) got together to challenge each other to a new game of Dodgeball and they are letting fans join their respective teams. You can donate different amounts of money to enter yourself or someone you love into the drawing and all the money goes to Stiller Foundation. If you win you get to play a game of Dodgeball with Stiller, Vaughn and more.
[WATCH] New Trailer For Pixar's Newest Movie "Coco"Disney/Pixar has a new movie coming out called "Coco" and they released the most recent trailer Wednesday.
150 Times A Movie Dropped Its Name During The MovieA video by Roman Holiday posted on June 2nd shows 150 cases of such movies. Some of them are very very subtle. Others are a little more obvious (see: "Face/Face).
"Goonies" Turns 32 Today - Which Goonie Are You The other great thing about Goonies is that it seemed to mirror the group of friends we all had when we were kids. There was the leader, the outcast, the nerd and the one everyone else didn't like, but you loved because they were your friend.
[WATCH] Sesame Street Parodies "Orange Is The New Black"This is a brilliant way to have parents and kids both watching the same educational video and giving it completely different reactions.
[WATCH] Alligator Gets Into The Fidget Spinner GameA man decided to get one spinning on his finger and then placed it on the nose of an alligator. The alligator amazingly keeps his calm and lets the spinner just go until the man pulls it off and the gator slides back into the water.
[PHOTO] Man "Keeping An Eye" On Tornado As He Mows LawnOver the weekend a Canadian man became a viral hit because he made sure to check off his honey-do list.

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