KFC Follows Only Herbs And Spices On TwitterApparently, takes those 11 spices and herbs seriously. Thanks to Reddit User Cablome for pointing out that the KFC Twitter account only follows exactly 11 people, 5 of which are spices and the other 6 are herbs!
Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Celebrate 5th Anniversary In The Sweetest WayThese two are #RELATIONSHIPGOALS!
In-N-Out Named Texas' Favorite Fast Food ChainIn Texas, it is Whataburger and everything else (Chick-Fil-A is right there too). At least that was until today when In-N-Out Burger was dubbed the Lone Star State's favorite Fast Food Chain. According to a deeply flawed study from Business Insider the California based burger joint is the favorite for Texans.
You Had ONE Job!This week's edition includes freaked out flight attendants, ruined wedding dresses, and Lauren falling down on the job.
Pennywise Is A Popular Halloween Costume, But This Age Might Be Too Young To Wear ItJonathan called The Morning Mix with a problem: can his 7 year old wear a scary costume for Halloween?
96 Second News: Katy Perry Got Stuck Mid-Air In Concert; Details On Tonight's Astros ALCS Game 6
[Video] Ghost Caught On Camera In High School GymWatch the video. Did you see it?
A Boy Lost All His Baseball Memorabilia In A Fire Now Everyone Across The Country Are Stepping In To HelpIt will give you all the feels!
We're Bored At Work For At Least 10 Hours Every WeekAccording to a new survey, some of the ways we kill the time are watching videos, pretending to work, and looking for other jobs!
Woman Is Catfished, Tracks Down the Male Model Whose Photos Were Used, Now They're DatingWhen they met in person earlier this year, they fell in love.
New Fashion: "Thong Jeans" Are Jeans But They Really Don't Cover AnythingWe would show you the back, but it's NSFW!
Watch Demi Lovato's New Documentary "Simply Complicated" Here

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