Justin Bieber Just Showed Off His New Rose Gold GrillTake a look at JBs shiny new pink grill...
[Video] Kim Kardashian On "Ellen"Hear what happened in Kim's own words.
Four Tricks That Will Help You Clean (Even If You Don't Want To)Follow these tips and MAYBE spring cleaning won't be as awful as you think it will be!
96-Second News: Scarlett Johansson Looks Like A Grandma; United's New Flight PoliciesNews on our new Texans quarterback, United's new policies, Fall Out Boy's new tour and more!
[Photo] Lauren Kelly's Worst Haircut EVER!We have all had a bad haircut, but Lauren Kelly takes the cake for bad photos!
Texans New Quarterback Brought To Tears By Letter From His Mom!Watch him read the emotional letter.
[WATCH] Johnny Depp Dresses Up As Capt. Jack Sparrow Surprises Riders On Pirates Of The Caribbean At DisneylandIt is weird to think, but Johnny Depp might be best known as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is an iconic character, spurned from the ride at Disneyland the movies became such a huge hit that Depp's likeness was added to the ride.
What Is Your Age Difference?Al Pacino is 77 and his girlfriend is 38. What is your age gap?
All The Feels: Parents Recreate Blockbuster Store For Autistic SonAll the feels: parents will literally do ANYTHING for their kids, this is so sweet!
Bill Cosby Is BlindThe once beloved comedian says he can no longer see as he heads to trial in June.
'Jock' Serena Williams Explains Her Engagement To 'Nerdy' Reddit CofounderHow did she end up with him?
96-Second News: Johnny Depp Is In A Lot Of Debt; And Chocolate Twinkies Are Real!The twist on the Twinkie that is sure to be AMAZING, why Johnny Depp is in debt and more!

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