Lauren Kelly

LaurenLauren Kelly

What I do for MIX: On Air Middays, 9a-2p

Birthday: March 4th



Nickname: K2. Don’t ask, lol.

Hometown: H-Town baby…born and raised!

College: University Of Texas

High school: Westbury High School

How long at MIX: Been rockin’ your MIX airwaves since 2007!

How long in radio business: Started radio in 2000, RIGHT after high school

Coolest person at MIX: Working with John Paul [the voice of the Houston Rockets] is pretty freakin cool!

What I love about Houston: The people, the food, the Rodeo, the shopping, and  the fact that I can wear flip flops almost all year long.

Favorite four-letter word: FATE

Favorite people to interview: Steven Tyler was AWESOME, but I got totally startstruck with Justin Timberlake.

What I’m known for: Always having a smile on my face 🙂

Experience: Been in the biz for 14 years, and I’m a REALLY good help if I’m on your music trivia team!

Favorite artists: Coldplay, Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw

Signature  lines: “I’m a lefty so I’m always in the RIGHT state of mind!” And “HAVE A WODERFUL DAY!”

Favorite music experiences: No lie, I sang onstage with the Backstreet Boys at their concert in 2000. In a pink cowboy hat. Pretty sure they turned my mic off, but it was AWESOME.

Other talents: Never played an instrument, but I can WHISTLE like a pro.

Family: I’m the oldest of 4 girls in my fam. I know, my poor dad!

More: The little things make me the happiest. I take lots of pictures. I treat my dog Bella like she’s a real person. I could eat sushi for every meal. Headphones and music are a MUST when I run.  My hair is really curly, but I straighten it almost every day. Sometimes people tell me I look like Demi Moore (and I am TOTALLY ok with that), I love my family, my job, and I really do believe that everything happens for a reason.!


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