Meet The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Cast

Click through the gallery and find out all about the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Cast
The Cast Click through the gallery and find out all about the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Cast
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Kidd Kraddick
Sensitive. Friendly. Hilarious. Kidd Kraddick is the driving force behind Kidd Kraddick In The Morning. Kidd Kraddick decided his career while serving as 10th grade class president. "We sponsored a big dance for the seniors but didn't have enough money to hire a deejay. So I snuck out my dad's stereo and did it myself." From there he was hooked. After stints as a nighttime teen idol in Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Tampa (where he was given the name "Kidd" by a program director), Kraddick took his show to Dallas, where he quickly made the transition to morning drive. In 2001, the show went syndicated and is now heard in nearly 100 cities across the country and world-wide on AFN (American Forces Radio). The show can also be WATCHED live each day on Kidd-TV, hosted by uStream and viewed right here on The show is like a daily soap opera featuring the real lives of its cast. But it's not just the openness of the show that has made his show top-rated in virtually every possible demographic. Kraddick's big heart has also played a part. Each year, through fund-raisers and special events, his non-profit organization raises over a hundred thousand dollars to send children to Disney World. For over ten years, Kidd's Kids has provided free trips for the families of hundreds of chronically and terminally ill children. Kraddick fills the seats of a 737 airplane each November and spends four days helping the children fulfill a fantasy. A film chronicling the trip won last year's prestigious Videographer Award of Excellence. Kraddick is divorced since 2007. He has one daughter, Caroline.
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Kellie Rasberry
Kellie Rasberry
Kellie Rasberry was born and raised in SC, but moved to the big city to join Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on May 31, 1994. Kellie had aspirations of becoming an actress, but the owner of a local radio station saw her at a talent convention and thought she had the perfect personality for radio. She began by sitting in with the morning show and got paid only if and when they used her. After four months of showing up with donuts every day, the news girl quit and Kellie got her old job. She went on to host her own morning show and then, after a friend saw an ad in a trade magazine about working with some guy named Kidd, she auditioned for the job and got it. And thus was the beginning of the Kraddick/Rasberry Chemistry. Since working with KKITM, Kellie has won several Favorite Female Radio Personality of the Year awards, had a small part in the made-for-TV movie, "Holiday In Your Heart," starring LeAnn Rimes, co-hosted the videocast of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and co-hosted an episode of "Live! With Regis" during the "Women of Radio" week. Kellie is the proud mother of Emma Kelly, born on October 19, 2006.
Shout Out
Let's see... here is a lil' bit about me: I was born in Mexico City and made a living by selling Chiclets. I pretty much made a killin' with a whopping $487.75 a year. I was kicked off my corner by a much bigger and stronger kid, so I gave up selling Chiclets. I was inducted into the Chiclets Hall of Fame back in 1998. Ok, I am kidding about the selling Chiclets... or am I? I like to be mysterious. My family moved to California in 1991 and on my first day of school 3 older kids jumped me and stole my popcorn. I ended up growing up physically (my mind is still stuck in 5th grade) and fell into radio. How? I have no idea, It literally just happened. I actually wanted to be a nurse. I have two dogs: Dex and Delilah. Dex is cool, and Delilah is a lil devil who eats all my hats, and likes to poo and pee everywhere. I am a HUGE football fan (GO CHARGERS!!!). I have met tons of awesome celebs thanks to this job... except my idol Eminem : ( Maybe someday it will happen (hint hint). I like to eat pretty much anything and my best friend is my PS3. Wanna know more? Just ask me:
Shout Out
Tomboy. Fashionista.
Well, I grew up in the good old Midwest and apparently can't shake my accent. I prefer to blame this on all my Chicago native girlfriends. Growing up an only child has made me fiercely independent and majorly stubborn. I always begged for siblings and finally got 2 when my dad remarried! Being back in Dallas has been great because I'm close to all my family again which is what I've been missing all these years spent in the cold! I may not look it now, but I was a total soccer-playing tomboy until high-school. Then I got my first eyebrow wax and it was all downhill from there. Now I have the monthly dilemma of either furnishing my apartment or buying clothes and let's just say that I eat standing up in my kitchen. I got my media start working for my college TV station at Miami University in Ohio, where I quickly learned that a career in news reporting was not a good fit for me. Cutting my hair into a bob, wearing a suit and interviewing victims of crime everyday is just not my personality! I would much rather be goofy and get ridiculed for it in front of millions of people every morning! I'm pretty easy to please but my must-haves in life are my mom Candy, my pug Maximus, and Mexican food!
Tomboy. Fashionista.
Define "Psycho..."
Psycho Shanon
I grew up listening to Kidd and it was always my dream to work with him and LOOK! I AM! I've been with the show since I was 17 and started as an intern phone screener. Now I'm a little bit older and the Producer of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. If you asked me what a producer does, I wouldn't know what to say. I just kind of show up every day. I do know that I'm living my dream and loving every minute of it.
Define "Psycho..."
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