96 Second News: Taylor Swift Debuts New App; Seth Rogen's Mom Hilariously Used Twitter To Find HimTaylor Swift's got a new app, find out how it works...plus how Seth Rogan's mom was hilariously able to locate him, and more!
Anthony Michael Hall Revealed Which Brat Pack Member Got The LuckiestThe answer will probably not surprise you. #bender
Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Are Coming To HoustonThis is going to be one awesome evening!
Watch Joe Jonas Play "Plead The Fifth" With Bravo's Andy CohenWell this got awkward pretty quickly...
Jennifer Lawrence Admits To Kissing Liam Hemsworth Off CameraLooks like Katniss chose Gale over Peeta in real life! Watch the video!
Martha Stewart Reveals A Strange TalentIs there anything she can't do well?
Did Jenna Bush Admit To Fooling Around At The White House?Did Jenna Bush admit to Andy Cohen that she had a little hanky panky at the White House while her dad was in office?? Watch the video!
The Stars React To Tuesday's Presidential Debate, Express Thoughts On Twitter So... was your Twitter feed full of cunning, cutting and wise-cracking jokes and statements about Tuesday's presidential debate?
Andy Cohen from Bravo talks about the John Travolta scandal with Kidd Kraddick in the MorningWe talked to Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" about his new book, his nighttime talk show and what he thinks of the John Travolta massage scandal! Listen to the interview and his Travolta verdict below !
What Did Celebrities Have To Say About The East Coast Earthquake

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