Bruno Mars

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Hoda Kotb Slayed Michael Strahan with ‘Uptown Funk’ on ‘Lip Sync Battle': Watch

Hoda Kotb gave her best Bruno Mars impression last night (April 30) during her performance of “Uptown Funk.”


Mark Ronson

How ‘Uptown Funk’ Was Written: Watch

What is it about this song that makes it so universally adored? Songwriter and producer Mark Ronson tells that he has no idea. But he does know the story of how “Uptown Funk” came to be.



Here’s a Passover-Themed Parody of ‘Uptown Funk’

“We showed up, and settled down in the land that we now call Izzy.” That would be Israel.


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This Lord Voldemort ‘Uptown Funk’ Mashup is EPIC! [VIDEO]

Cause Dark Lord Funk’s gonna give it to ya, now! Watch this “Uptown Funk” parody with a Harry Potter twist!

Mix 96.5–03/24/2015

Uptown Funk

8 Artists That Could Sue ‘Uptown Funk’ on the Same Grounds as ‘Blurred Lines’

As an exercise in a terrible universe where lawsuits come at the drop of a hat because a song has the same “feel”, here are a bunch of people who could sue for millions for what “Uptown Funk” kinda sounds like:


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Old People Doing Uptown Funk

These senior citizens know how to get down!


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Texas High Schoolers Take ‘Uptown Funk’ Dance Viral: Watch

he clip, which has racked up nearly 200,000 views on YouTube shows theater arts teacher Scott Pankey leading a crew of his students through a choreographed one-take dance routine.


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Dallas High School Goes Viral With “Uptown Funk” Video

This is awesome! Watch a Dallas high school jam out in their new viral “Uptown Funk” video!


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6 Year-Old Bruno Mars Fan Is The CUTEST!

You may have seen little Kai Langer on ‘Ellen’ before, but you have to see the CUTEST video of him singing with his idol Bruno Mars!