Some Of The Funniest Tweets From The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake Last NightDid you guys watch the make on ABC last night?? What did you think?!
Which "It's Gonna Be MAY" Meme Is Better? NSYNC Or Backstreet Boys?Literally one of the best memes OF ALL TIME!
Has Your Mom Ever Set You Up...And Did It Work Out?Lauren Kelly's mom is at it again...#SMH
[WATCH] Adam Levine Tells Jimmy Fallon That Blake Shelton Talks FunnyWhich SPECIFIC WORD does Adam make the most fun of Blake for using?
[WATCH] Jennifer Lopez And Jimmy Fallon Have Hilarious Dance BattleDid you guys catch the funny segment on 'The Tonight Show' last night?
Animal Shelter's Hilarious Commercial Going ViralIn the hilarious new commercial, they mock most local car dealer commercials, social media memes and even sing a little improvised Sarah McLachlan. It is also full of adorable animals that you can't wait to go pick up and take home. It seems like the commercial should work just fine, especially now that it rose to the top of Reddit's front page and has garnered 10,000+ upvotes on youtube in just over a week on YouTube.
[WATCH] Mariah Carey's Epic New Years Eve MeltdownSound glitch turns Mariah's NYE in NY performance into a hilarious fail.
Obama/Biden Fake Conversation Memes Are Taking Over The Internet TodayThese funny memes taking over the internet today should give you a good laugh!
[WATCH] Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon Do A Hilarious, Emotional, Interview
[WATCH] Fan Gets Body Slammed By Baseball Player After Running Onto Field
[WATCH] Raiders Fan Picks A Fight And Gets Knocked Out
[WATCH] Hillary Clinton On Between Two Ferns: "I'm Really Regretting Doing This"

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