Spec’s ‘Wine Of The Week’ For 8/16Check out this week's wine of the week from Spec's!
How Were Your First 24 Hours As A Parent?What ran through your mind right when your new baby was born?
Baby Sheen Is HERE!Help us wish the Sheen family a big CONGRATS on the new baby!
96 Second News: 'Bachelor In Paradise' Premieres; Taylor Swift Wins Symbolic $1 Court CaseSooo, what happened on the first night of 'Bachelor In Paradise?' Plus Taylor Swift WON her court case, why Oprah's not married and more!
Do You Get Mad When Someone Eats Off Your Plate?When someone takes their fork and eats off your plate of food, do you get mad?
Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosIt was a nice weekend, (HOT, but nice!) check mine out in five photos!
Should Geoff Sheen Let Sarah Pepper Or Lauren Kelly Babysit His Kids?Geoff and his wife need an "on-call" babysitter for when the new baby comes, who should they pick?
96 Second News: Man Rushes Stage At Britney Spears Show; Kim K's $23,000 Diaper BagWatch a man rush Britney Spears' stage, Kim Kardashian's expensive diaper bag, Taylor takes the witness stand and more!
96 Second News: Seinfeld Trolls Kesha In Pic; David Letterman Headed To NetflixSee how Jerry Seinfeld poured salt on the Kesha no-hug wound, plus David Letterman has a new show, and more!
What's Bigger Than Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents? Meeting Their DOG.
What Are The Songs You're Embarrassed To Admit You Like?Come on, tell us! We won't laugh...MUCH ;-)
Where Were You When You Went Into Labor?Were you at home? At work? In the car?

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