Beyonce Looks JUST LIKE Daughter Blue Ivy In Throwback PictureYou may think Blue Ivy looks just like Jay Z, but wait until you see this throwback pic of Beyonce!
Update On Cypress Mom Who Underwent 8 Surgeries To Look Like Melania Trump [PICS]We shared this story back in June, but check out Claudia Sierra's results!
10-Year-Old Delivers His Mom's Baby; Saves Mother And Brother's LifeThis story is incredible!
Mom's Funny First Day Of School Photo Goes ViralDo you have kids that are about to start school? This photo is guaranteed to make you laugh!
Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosCheck out my weekend in five photos!
Lauren Kelly Met Hot Gym Guy's Brother's Fam...this is how it went!
How Did The First Meeting With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Parents Go?Lauren Kelly gets to meet her BF's fam this weekend, hoping all goes well!
Mom Uses Breastmilk For Bake-Sale BrowniesIn the post, shared by Sanctimommy, the mom is perplexed as to why other parents are mad she used her own human milk to make the sweet dessert.
Do You Add Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Parents On Facebook?Did you add them or not??
Mom Gives Birth To 16-Pound BabyThe newborn's parents literally thought the scale was BROKEN...
When A Mom Says Don't Get Me Anything For Mother's Day Is That A Trick?Seriously!
Lauren Kelly's Mom Joins The Show To Tell Us Her Mom AdviceHear her Mothers advice here.

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