Throwback Thursday To The First Day Of School For The Mix StaffCheck out Sarah Pepper, Geoff Sheen, Lauren Kelly, Jason Cage and Eli Escobar back in the day.
Tips For Buying Items On CraigslistSome tips for you. I was very naive going into this.
Sarah Pepper's Weekend In Five PhotosI was sick on Friday so my weekend was filled with TV on Friday and once I could keep food down, it was filled with food!!!!!
This Is How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Having KidsParents, here's the calculator that lets you know how much sleep you have lost.
Bellaire High School Grad Injured In Rally In VirginiaGet all the details here and see how you can help.
Should Geoff Sheen Let Sarah Pepper Or Lauren Kelly Babysit His Kids?Geoff and his wife need an "on-call" babysitter for when the new baby comes, who should they pick?
What Is The Greatest Prank You've Ever Pulled?Jason Cage gave out Sarah Pepper's cell phone number on the air yesterday, so HERE IS HIS!!!
Sarah Pepper's Weekend In Five Photos!From the Zoo to the Gun Range to the kick off a restaurant week. We tried to beat the heat and have an amazing weekend with friends!
Being Friends With Your High Schools Friends Is Actually A Bad ThingHow many of you are still friends with your friends from high school??
Sarah Pepper's Weekend In Five PhotosFrom another Dash home victory, to Geoff's daughter's birthday this past weekend to seeing "Dunkirk".
Sarah Pepper Spent The Night In The HospitalDon't ever ignore chest pains! Listen to your friends!
Sarah Pepper Is Upset At Lauren Kelly For Not Calling Her Before She Went FBOShould Lauren have called Sarah before making it "Facebook Official"? Did she break girl code?

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