96 Second News: Billboard Music Awards Recap; Pippa Middleton's A Married WomanAt 71 years old, Cher killed it at the BBMA's last night! Pippa Middleton wedding deets and more!
Geoff Sheen's Weekend In Five Photos
[WATCH] Melissa McCarthy Hosts SNL; Gets Into Hilarious Sean Spicer Character AgainMelissa McCarthy got back into her "Spicey" character for SNL this weekend!
It's "Straight Out Da Bushes" For Melissa McCarthyGet ready for another Sean Spicer parody on SNL this week.
SNL Parodies Carmen Sandiego To Find Kellyanne ConwayWe all watched (and wanted to be on) "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" on PBS when we were younger. We remember the Rockapella fellas rocking out that theme song. They were the coolest Accapella group until Pentatonix came along.
Harry Styles Announces Album Release Date And Track TitlesFind out when Harry Styles will drop his new album!
[WATCH] Kristen Stewart Drops F-Bomb In 'SNL' MonologueUm, oops?
[WATCH] Walter White Nominated To Run DEA For Trump On SNL Cold OpenPolitical pundits have been calling into question President Elect Donald Trump's choices from some of his appointments in the future cabinet he will oversee. On Saturday Night Live this week Brian Cranston made a special guest appearance, John Cena was hosting, in the show's cold open.
[VIDEO] Dave Chappelle Parodied 'The Walking Dead'It was perfect, and reminded us how much we missed him.
[VIDEO] Alec Baldwin And Kate McKinnon Break Character On SNLIf you've been keeping up with the skits and missed this one, watch it here!
[WATCH] Alec Baldwin And Kate McKinnon As Donald & Hillary On 'SNL'Did you guys watch SNL's opening skit this past weekend? HILARIOUS!
Dana Carvey Returned To Saturday Night Live As The Church Lady

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