Two Firefighters Reenact "Dirty Dancing" For a Safety VideoNail "The Lift"
A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rams Her Ex-Boyfriend's Car, and Then Drives AwaySomething makes her snap and hit the gas while everyone is filming.
Gas Station Attendant Fire Extinguishes Guy Who Refuses To Stop Smoking At The PumpHe warned him a few times then grabbed the extinguisher.
Rescue Saint Bernard Sets Guinness World Record For Longest TongueI guess if you are gonna win a record, may as well be this.
Another Kid Inhaled a Toy That Makes Him Honk When He BreathesThe look of defeat in his eyes...
A Teenager Wipes Out While Running Down the BleachersThe greatest moment of his life...quickly is not.
Little Girl Tries To Use Gameboy Like an Ipad.You can see the anger when the "touch screen" won't work.
(Video) Touching Video of 66 Year Old Colorblind Man Seeing Color For First TimeAll the feels!
(Video) Engagement Ring Falls In Pond During ProposalOh no! Just as he got on one knee too!
Man Shoots Wife to Prove His Bulletproof Clothes WorkWould you let your man test this on you???
A Woman Mistakenly Pulls Her Car Into a Stairwell (Video)She gets out just before it crashes down!
Do You Wash Your Hands Before or After These Activities?

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